Welcome to Wonderland!

I know what it’s like to try and do it all. To have a steady career, to have a decent work/life balance, to keep up with a fitness routine, to eat healthy despite life’s temptations, and to live a “normal” life despite struggling with mental illness. I started My Life in Wonderland when I was in college as a way to document my life, but I never imagined my writing would have such a positive impact on other peoples’ lives.

Today, I write about mental health, fitness, health & wellness, professional/work, beauty, and more. The idea behind my blog hasn’t changed, but who I write for has. I write for you and to help you realize that no matter what you’re dealing with, you’re not alone. Thank you for being part of my journey.

Stages of Love Development

The evolution of love includes 7 stages, each of which has its own characteristics and approximate time frames. However, everything is individual in any relationship, there are no absolutely similar couples. Therefore, don’t be surprised that your friends go through the stages slowly, but you passed them quickly enough. You need to understand that every relationship develops in its own way and the speed of its development depends on many factors: on the character, on the degree of affection, or, in general, on life circumstances that you can’t influence. After you finish your journey of self-improvement, visit bebemur.com to mett the most beautiful ladies!

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