Street Exercises: How to Bump Your Body Without a Gym

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You exercise and diet, but weight does not change. You get frustrated and are ready to quit and admit that you are hopeless.

Do not hurry to give up a healthy lifestyle, even if you're dating a disabled person! The figure on the scales is not the best indicator of progress. We will discuss several reasons why your body changes, but the weight remains the same.

Muscular mass is growing

If you are engaged in power training, the body composition gradually changes: the muscle mass increases and the fatty layer decreases. At the same time the body becomes more fit and slim, but the weight can stay in place. It does not matter that the relief lies behind a layer of fat. If you do weight training and eat well, your muscles grow.

Water retention

For the first days of a diet a person can throw off several kilograms at once, judging by the weights. However, there is really nothing to be happy about: it's not the fat that goes away, it's water.

To lose a kilogram of fat, you need to create a deficit of 7,700 calories, which is almost impossible to do in two days, even if you do not have anything to eat and exercise (which clearly does not improve your health). This works in reverse order: you can lose fat, but by keeping water, the figure on the scales will remain the same.

How to find out the percentage of fat

Buy smart scales

Smart scales determine the percentage of fat using BIA (bioelectrical impedance analysis).

When you get on the scale, a weak electrical impulse is passed through your body and the percentage of fat, muscle mass, bone weight and the amount of water in the body is determined. The data is synchronized with the smartphone and saved, so that you can track the dynamics over time.

Calculate using a special calculator

In online calculators, formulas based on the girth of different parts of the body are used. Basically, this is the method of the US Navy, which takes into account the growth, neck, waist and hip circumference, and the method of sports doctor Covert Bailey , which uses the hips, one hip, shin and wrist.

Orient on clothes

Since a kilogram of fat is much more than a kilogram of muscle, changing the composition of the body affects your overall dimensions.

With the same weight, you can notice that the shorts have become much freer, the fat flanks have left, which used to hang over the jeans belt, and the tight dress now does not tighten at all.

This method is obvious, but many people do not see the changes, preferring to think that the clothes just stretched out. Look at the old photos, see how clothes were dressed on you and how it looks now. Perhaps you will have a pleasant surprise.


If the weight does not change, it does not mean that you do not lose fat. Weight may remain the same because of the buildup of muscle mass or fluid retention. To determine how the percentage of fat changes, you need a smart balance or a tailor meter and a fat percentage calculator. Weigh yourself and measure the percentage of fat at the same time: in the morning on an empty stomach. Do not wait for rapid changes.

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