Insanity Max 30 Review: What I Learned During My First Week

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Last Saturday, I started Insanity Max: 30. I remember waiting for the DVD to begin. I felt excited and nervous at the same time. It actually reminded me of the feeling I get leading up to a mud run. Before starting the program, I read dozens of reviews online. I thought I knew what to expect, but I quickly realized that I had absolutely no clue. Every day, I finished with my legs shaking, barely breathing, and drenched in sweat – but I loved every single second of it. Instead of giving you a traditional review with a breakdown of each workout and moves, I thought it would be more helpful to tell you what I learned during my first week of Insanity Max: 30.

Don’t eat or drink too much within an hour of starting the workout

This was the biggest mistake I made my first two days. It’s incredibly important to make sure you’re hydrated and well-nourished, but be mindful of how much you eat and drink within an hour of working out. I always drink a pre-workout energy supplement before a workout (My favorite at the moment is Cellucor C4 Extreme Workout Supplement, Watermelon). It’s usually not a big deal if I drink it close to my workout, but with Max: 30, that’s not the case. The first day, I drank this (along with some regular water) right before starting Max: 30 and I almost threw up about 10 minutes in. The second day, I drank my pre-workout 30 minutes before, and right before the end of the workout, I had to run to the bathroom because of how sick I felt. The other three days, I drank my C4 about an hour before working out and kept water on hand during the workout for when I needed it. Much better plan.

Make sure you have a fan on in the room

You’re going to sweat, and you’re going to sweat a lot. If you’re going to be working out at home (and chances are, you will), make sure you have a fan on at all times. With all of the moves you’re doing, you’re going to get hot very fast, and you’re going to want a fan in there to cool you down. If you’re afraid that a fan will prevent you from getting that “dripping sweat” feeling – don’t be. Even with a fan, you’ll still be drenched in sweat by the end of the workout.

Keep a towel nearby

This goes along with the point above. There will be a point (probably less than halfway through) where you’re going to have sweat dripping down your face, neck, chest, and arms and you’re going to want to wipe some of it away. The last thing you want to do is to kill the vibe by leaving the room to get a towel. Before you push play, grab a towel, and leave it by your water bottle. You’ll thank me later.

The warm up is no joke

In other programs, the warm up may be used to get you ready for the rest of the workout, but in Max: 30, the warm up is part of the workout. Don’t skimp out on the warm up either. If you max out during the warm up, don’t worry! It doesn’t mean you’re weak. It just means that it kicked your ass like it kicked mine. Make sure you give it your all the second you push play, and don’t conserve your energy just because the first 4-5 minutes are a warm up.

You will scream at your computer – and you should

The first few days, I didn’t scream at the computer. Instead, I murmured profanities under my breath. By the fourth day, I was full on screaming at my computer by the end of the workout because my muscles were hurting so badly that I couldn’t move. And you know what? It’s okay. The days that I yelled at my computer were the days that I pushed myself the hardest because I refused to let myself give up. It sounds silly, and you may get some weird looks from the other people you live with, but don’t be afraid to let out your frustrations. Trust me – it feels so darn good!

Shoes are optional

When I started Max: 30, I didn’t own a pair of cross training shoes. The first day, I decided to wear a pair of my running shoes during the workout because I thought, “How bad could it be?”It was bad. My feet were so constricted that I couldn’t move the way I needed to, and I actually was afraid to hurt myself. The rest of the week, I decided to work out barefoot, and it was amazing! My feet were able to move naturally, I didn’t have to worry about my shoes/socks irritating my feet, and to be honest, it was just one less thing to worry about. I did choose to order a pair of cross training shoes as a backup (I think there are some moves that you need shoes for), but for now, I’m content with workout out barefoot.

I’m only a week into Insanity Max 30, but I’m already in love with the program. With other workout programs, I found myself feeling really tired afterwards, but that isn’t the case with Max: 30. After my workouts, I’m drenched in sweat and full of energy – and I LOVE it. Maybe it’s a little soon to say that this is my favorite Beachbody program, but I’ll take the chance and say it anyway. Insanity Max: 30 is my favorite Beachbody program so far.

Have you done Insanity Max: 30? What were some of the things you learned?

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