Why is it important to use emails for marketing? And what is the reason I should use it?

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Marketing via email is among the aspects of Internet marketing. It involves the sending of email messages to the targeted group of people. Further in the article you can learn more about this topic and the email marketing agency pricing

It is able to meet a variety of strategic business goals:

  • is a means of communicating with consumers.
  • It increases their loyalty to the advertised product;
  • sells goods and/or services.

The most important benefits (and benefits) that email marketing has include:

  • small advertising budget;
  • Making sure that contact is maintained between the targeted customers and the company;
  • Build your own database of potential customers and subscribers;

the capability to automate a lot of the process.

It's crucial to remember that you must not send email to individuals who have signed a consent form. Otherwise, all emails will be delivered through people in the "Spam" area. So, creating an audience of people who are interested in sending out emails is one of the most essential requirements for an effective marketing strategy.

How do you gather the email addresses of your targeted group of customers?

The first method

Create the form (static or in pop-up window, pop-up) in which each user is able to leave their email address. Make it visible however, it should not be overly intrusive. Simply inform the reader what benefits he will receive by signing up for your email newsletter. Perhaps you'll inform him of discounts and promotions, or share the latest news in your industry, offer promotional codes, provide informative articles from experts, etc.

Fashions from the Studio

If all seems to be in place in establishing an email subscriber list, even experienced marketing professionals are having trouble preparing the email messages themselves.

How can how do you "hook" users to get them to click on your email address amid the plethora of emails? How can you ensure that the recipient reads your message to the end and is impressed and keeps your message in mind? Think about these new ideas!


"What's new?" You ask. We'll respond. Nowadays, personalization as a digital marketing tool is more than sending a personal message to the recipient or greetings on birthdays. The technology of today allows you to use sophisticated levels of information. For example, using information regarding the preferences of the user and interests, as well as their and lifestyle, it's possible to create specific deals to the user. Textual and visual content as well as the list of items/services could be customized for each person who receives an email.

User-generated content

It's also referred to as UGC-content. These are the comments of real customers about a product or service as well as their feedback, pictures reposts, and hashtags with brand names shared on social media. This is all the content that consumers create themselves. This kind of content can inspire an increased level of trust in prospective customers than a standard marketing newsletter. Keep in mind that even the most perfect images eventually become "trush" information. Everybody is tired of perfect photographshopped body parts, polished studio shots and other indicators that are "plastic" existence. It is due to this, the next method - storytelling is taking off.

Storytelling .

It's not entirely so new, but they are still among the hottest trends.

Keep in mind that in order for storytelling to succeed it must be genuine and engaging. Don't be afraid to discuss the challenges of your business, your success and failures as well as the downs and ups. Your recipients of emails must be able to sense that they were not sent from an uninvolved "effective manager" and not by an actual person (by by the way you can create a fictional character by creating their name). This way, you can make them feel like you are in a warm communications. It also helps to turn customers into pen acquaintances.

Interactivity and Entertainment

The latest technology lets you include interactive and gamified elements within emails' body. Why do you need to do this? In order to make your email more appealing to your recipients. Additionally the fact that it makes your emails stand out in comparison to other messages, as you're not just giving certain information, but are also providing entertainment. Utilize animations, interactive buttons and short videos. Invite users to take tests or test their knowledge with an online quiz, or work on an online puzzle.