How to Lose Weight as a Couple: Fun and Working Way

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Fitness experts believe that it's important to have a strong support person to lose weight: someone you can work out with, start eating right and motivate each other to succeed. And even if you're too lazy to go to the gym, your partner is sure to make you get off the couch. Once you meet each other on and decide to keep fit for the future wedding, the process of losing weight with your beloved one may guarantee success. Let's find out how to slim down with your sweetheart and without stress effectively.

Team Up With Your Beloved One Doing Sports

As a rule, obese people are embarrassed to set foot in the gym. They think that only perfect people from magazine covers go there, imagine that everyone will laugh at them. It's easier for an overweight couple to cope with such situations. Through working out together and achieving results, partners strengthen relationships, change their outlook on life, and develop a new circle of friends.

Replace Food With Sex

When plump people lose weight, and their bodies change, sex brings them physical and aesthetic pleasure. The sex life of such a couple becomes more active. And if before they could replace sex with a portion of something delicious, now, on the contrary, thanks to sex, they won't overeat.

Mountain Hike Will Make You Slender

Instead of the usual weekend with chips in front of the TV, go for a walk in the mountains (if there are nearby) or just explore new places in your city. Walking is a magical fat burner as it's a real balm for the soul. You admire the beauty of nature, talk to your friends and, thus, reduce the daily stress — the cause of excess weight. Active walking can burn almost as many calories as traditional exercise. As hiking lasts several hours, you burn more fat.

Cook and Eat Together

By sharing duties, you'll spend half as much time at the stove, and you can supervise each other, so you're less likely to overeat while you're cooking. Serve the table and take your meals leisurely to enjoy both the dishes and conversation. You should avoid eating while watching a movie, as there is a risk of eating more than you should and all your hard work will go to waste.

Control Your Gluttony

Do you want to eat a forbidden piece of cake or slice of pizza? There are no total prohibitions! Plan ahead of time a day of gluttony with your partner: decide what exactly you will eat. And remember, no matter how much junk food you ate, it doesn't mean that you have a weak will, and there is no sense in keeping your diet. Consuming desserts together, you will be able to control the size of the “disaster.” Keep in mind that the feast of overeating can happen only once a month!

Competitive Spirit Motivates You

No matter what anyone says, competitions spur you on. Organize a small contest with a prize, but by no means with food as a reward! Or let the loser fulfill your wish or do some hated household chores. This can be a long-distance run, or who will lose more weight at the end of the week. Of course, everyone's physiology is different, and the weight you lose can vary. So, it's better to keep track of your results as a percentage.

Nutritionists say that those who lose weight with a soulmate can achieve much more results than singles. Teamwork encourages a lot. Wives follow their husbands and vice versa. The males start leading a healthy lifestyle and pay attention to what they eat and drink, which they would never do without supervision. So, there is nothing but benefits of losing weight as a duo.